Service Company

    The service company account is created on request by a NCDMB administrator on the NOGIC Joint qualification System for full evaluation and opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry. To sign-up a Service Company


    Step 1

    Send the following requirements to for account registration.

    • Letter of intent (Covering Letter)
    • CAC information (CAC certificate, Form CO2 and CO7)
    • Name of company
    • Default company email address e.g
    • NUPRC/NMDPRA permit
    • RC number
    • Company contact telephone & address

    Step 2

    An email notification will be sent to the default email address containing login information (username or email and password). If you have issues with login credentials (username and password) etc. Kindly contact


    Step 3

    Login using your username (default email address) and portal password. Ensure you change the default password and update the company profile information. This will enable the company profile information to be available on the NOGIC joint qualification system


    Step 4

    Update your company modules service executed, staff management and basic information with the following sub-modules:

    • Company profile
    • Ownership document
    • Shareholders
    • Services….