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How can I change my password after successful login?
How Do I Get Contacted if I’m Shortlisted For The Trainings?
Who Can Register?
Who Organizes the Featured Trainings?
What is the NOGIC JQS?
I can’t remember my password?
What does NOGIC JQS Stand for?
Please What is a Waiver?
How Can I Register as an Individual?
How can a service company upload its Nigerian content policy and tender documents?
i cant apply for training invitatiion because nothing is showing on the drop down.
can a law firm register as a service provider on the portal?
Can flexible pipes and umbilicals be considered as equipment?
How many vessels are there currently providing offshore support services to the IOCs and, who owns
Are production Fluid consider as an Equipment? Are AGO and PMS consider as an Equipment?
Having met the requirement, Can a Logistic personnel with B.Eng qualification apply?
Is there any financial involvement in registering one's company with NOGIC JQS portal?
what are the criteria for selection for training
When is the next training coming up and what are the criteria for individual selection.
How Can I Register as a Service Company?
how can we register as a research centre on the NOGIS JQS portala
After you might have been shortlisted,is it mandatory that the company will accommodate you?
When would one expect email from NCDMB after receiving a call they have been selected for training?
How can I cancel a registration done in error so that I can register with another username
can notification of individual be done also via phone number?
please when NCDMB shortlistes one for a training,is it a guarantee for a job with NCDMB? thanks.
please i just finished updating my profile on your website. what is the next thing to do and how do
How can I register to be trained?
how can i register for training after creating my profile?
After registering,how do i ensure that i have complied with the NCDMB
where is the Head Office of NOGIC JQS located
When will another training commerce? And where can I get the post to the training when posted
What is the process of registration of vessels with NOGIC JQS.
please, when is the next training coming on and what is the cost.
How can I register my company and vessels with NOGIC JQS? Please very urgent.
Our company is an oil services company that owns barges and tugboats. how do we register our vessels
How do I get an evidence of registration with NOGIC JQS Marine Vessel Categorization Database?
Hello sir.I'm a 2.1 graduate of Mining Engineering from FUTA. Why am i not shortlisted for SCNL test
I sent email to with several reminder. No response till date
How do i get logged on to your portal? I cannot seem to figure out how to get a log-in address.
How can we update our profile on your portal. We tried logging in to you web it keep saying error..
Does NCDMB sometimes place trained candidates in any company for recruitment?
How do i validate my profile and how can i make it visible to prospective employers.
Is there any such certificate as NCEA within the NCDMB framework?
We have sent our DPR,CAC 02 and CAC 07 and details of our deskofficer to register, But no reply yet.
please, i would like to know what this Nigerian content equipment certificate is all about
Can coy request for NCEC to be sent to lagos to avoid travelling all the way to Yenogoa?
informed that NCEC is ready for collection and have uploaded docs on do i collect NCEC
I just finished filling the forms and uploading my certificates. I'ld like to know what next to do
1. What are the requirements for obtaining Nigerian Content Equipment Certificate?
How long does it take to be called for training? I registered as an unemployed graduate 6 months ago
What is the Relationship between NOGIC JQS, NJQS and NIPEX?
Our Company is registered with NCDMB pls give condition for renewal/registration with NOGIC JOS
When is the next training coming up?
how quick can someone get the NCEC
I would like to know if an Underwater Diving Company operating in Nigeria can be issued NCEC.
I read Geology n register 4 NOGIC JQS as an individual since 2012 and up till date hv not been call
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