Sign up as an individual to access the NOGIC JQS portal to enable the individual access job advertisement and training opportunities available on the NOGIC Joint qualification System. Create an individual account today.

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    Step 1

    From the home page select "Create an Individual Account" to create an Individual account on the NOGIC JQS system. Please endeavor to enter all required fields in the signup form. These include your surname, first name, date of birth, email address, mobile-phone number, Nationality, username and password.


    Step 2

    After you successfully fill the form for portal account registration, click on the "create my account" button to initiate portal account registration. Wait to get the notification for registration completed or successful before proceeding to your mailbox.


    Step 3

    Upon Successful account registration, a welcome message will be sent to your mailbox. Kindly activate your account by clicking on the link then login using your username (email) and portal password. Ensure you use the correct email address and password.


    Step 4

    Login, update your Profile and upload copies of all acquired academic certificates on the following fields:

    • Basic Data
    • Educational Qualification
    • Industry Certification
    • Job Experience
    • Skill etc…