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To create your Operator profile on the NOGIC JQS portal, send the following listed requirements to for account creation.

o    Letter of intent (Covering Letter)

o    CAC information (CAC certificate, Form CO2 and CO7)

o    Joint Venture Agreement or Evidence of operating license

o    Company Name

o    Default company email address for system administrator account eg.

NCDMB administrator creates the Operator profile. An email notification would be sent to the default email address containing the login information (username and password). If you have not received your user name and password combination, contact the NCDMB system administrator. If you do not provide the correct user name and password, you won't be allowed to access to the system.

After Successful creation of your portal user account as an Operator on the NOGIC JQS Platform, you must update your Organization profile information. This will ensure that your exact profile information is available to NCDMB for full evaluation and proper considerations for opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry.


Step 1: Login using your username (default email address) and portal password.

Step 2: Upon successful login, update your Organization basic profile and upload the Company logo.

Step 3: Update your company capacity profile information across the following dimensions.

  • Ownership Structure
  • Operations
  • Staff Management
  • Statutory Report

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